“Flux” Animated short

Storyboards and Storyboard-related concepts for the upcoming SCAD Senior Thesis Animated Short “FLUX” (May 2019)

“Catch Me if You Can!” Chase Sequence

Musical chase-sequence set to music from SEGA’s Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
Completed within a 5 day period.

Star wars-inspired fight Sequence

Star Wars inspired fight-sequence, set to music from Star Wars.
Completed within a 7 day period.

“Waking Up” Live Action-Styled Storyboards

Personal exercise in completing a sequence of storyboarded events, with variety in humor, lighting, and perspective.

"Random Lighting" and "3 Shots, 1 Enviroment"

Personal exercises in strengthening my usage of lighting as a story boarder, as well as attempting to use 3 camera angles to depict different tones within the same confined setting.

LOST DOG- Storyboards & Animatic

Combining my love of theme parks and dogs! A thrilling tale, sparked by the prompt of: "lost dog." Completed within a 4 day period.

THE KINDA FUNNY PODCAST- Storyboards & Animatic

Stitched audio from over 10 episodes of Kinda Funny's YouTube podcast. An exploration of comedic gags and giving visuals to audio. Completed within a 5 day period.

THE MONSTER MAKER MACHINE- Storyboards & Animatic

Inspired by comedic horror movies! Completed within a 4 day period.